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ETOP Tutor Sign-Up

English Tutoring Online Program (ETOP)


Goal: To connect English speakers with PALS students who want to practice and improve their English. The tutors engage students in conversations in English and assist the students with their pronunciation, grammar, listening and speaking skills. 

The English Tutoring Online Program (ETOP) is deployed through GLOW (Growing Learning Opportunities Worldwide), a learning management platform developed by Pacific Links Foundation.

If you are interested in becoming an ETOP tutor, please complete the application below. Please remember that you must attend a MANDATORY training for tutors and sign our Protection Policies and Confidentiality Agreements.

Time Commitment
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Can you volunteer at least 6 hours/month for a minimum of three months?

Thank you very much for your interest to be an English tutor. 

Due to our limited resources, we would not be engaging with you as an ETOP volunteer tutor at this time. We hope that you will consider volunteering with us in other activities or when you have more time.

Basic Information
If you are currently in enrolled in a high school or university, please put "student" in TITLE and put the name of your school in COMPANY/ORGANIZATION/SCHOOL.
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Prospective Tutor's information
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Please upload your resume (in pdf) if you did not provide a linkedin profile.
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Are you currently a student enrolled in high school or university?
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As you are under 18, please provide your parent/legal guardian's name, and parent/legal guardian's email below: (Please keep in mind that parents/legal guardians will need to sign a waiver for you to participate).
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Your Profession
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 Accounting, Financial Services, Banking & Insurance
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Availability and Additional info
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How did you find out about Pacific Links Foundation and/or our English Tutoring Online Program?
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IMPORTANT Notice: Your continuing participation in Pacific Links Foundation's activities means that you grant us the right to use your name and image in all forms and media for our communication and reporting purposes.

If you have any questions, please email

Please ask your parent/guardian to fill out and sign this Parental Consent Form for your participation in ETOP.

Thank you.